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Several years ago I was a partner at a company that would engage with leadership within various departments of a business to help develop people skills. One day while on the campus of the world’s largest retailer, we were introduced to several executives. During our conversation a somewhat different topic came up. I quickly learned the execs were struggling to evaluate technical demos. They were basically being “nerded” to death and often oversold tech they didn’t need or want. The group asked if our presentation skills could be used in technology demos. 


We gave it a try and began changing the structure of the demonstrations, making them more appealing and engaging. As the tech presentations took on a new life, the executives began to understand the solutions and were able to test these innovations for themselves. This is where I found a passion in technology that I didn’t know existed. We began applying this methodology to tech solutions within the business’ various departments, taking the time to find out what problems existed before presenting tech solutions. NMS Solutions was born. The model proved successful as we presented over 200 tech solutions companies to Walmart and had an impressive proof-of-concept success rate.


Then we decided to expand these services to a wider breadth of clients and another company was born – i2i Labs. Today, i2i Labs works with retail, pharma, CPG, food and more. With purposeful additions to the i2i Labs team in 2019, we have grown and expanded our reach to offer even more services. Services that allow technology not just to be demonstrated, but to be understood.  In my experience, passion and purpose happens when you least expect it. So, keep an eye out for it, or you may miss it.


Trent Carrender

“You often find your passion and purpose in times when you’re not looking for it …”

Trent Carrender

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