Who We Are

We are a technology commercializer focused on retail, food, and pharmacy innovation.

We curate early to mid-stage tech companies and combine them with large corporations because we believe the future can be made better, together.

What We Do

Our business development team works diligently with large enterprises to understand what problems they currently face, what capabilities they wish they had, and where they want to go in the future.

Our research team finds and evaluates the most promising technology companies in the world. After an extensive vetting process, we bring companies into the i2i ecosystem for exposure. We have a proprietary scoring model that allows us to compare solutions against each other objectively.

The lab in Northwest Arkansas serves as a physical destination for enterprises to see live demos of technology solutions being represented by i2i. We want to reduce a lot of the "smoke-and-mirrors" scenarios that surface when relying solely on PowerPoints and video conferencing sessions.

The i2i team has worked in corporate innovation for many years, and we know how overwhelming large companies can be. Because of that, we are in the room with the tech companies we represent during initial meetings, PoC discussions, and any other time they need us.


  • Finding transformational technology is really hard. The process is overwhelming, and many corporations have no idea where to start

  • It's tough for startups to work with large corporations, and it's equally as difficult for corporations to work with startups

  • Companies are often focused on 30/60/90 day problems. It's hard enough to stay afloat today, let alone plan for the future  


  • By combining our vast personal network with a robust toolset, we can discover and evaluate hundreds of tech companies each year

  • Our team has spent years on both sides of the table. We've developed processes to help make the partnerships successfull

  • We want companies to focus on their core strategy! We are laser-focused on finding technology solutions that can help organizations solve those "today" problems while also charting a path towards the future

Where We Focus

Our main verticals consist of retail, food, and pharmacy technology. We are routinely adding verticals - and changing the amount of attention towards each one - based on the market and the needs of our customers.


How do you make money?
For enterprise clients, we offer a yearly subscription that grants access to the full i2i Labs platform. Using our value-based point system, clients can use us for bespoke research projects, they can have us perform due diligence on potential tech partners, they can access our physical lab to see live demos, they can search our exclusive database that houses the technology we curate, and much more. We also negotiate partnership terms with the technology companies we represent inside the lab.

Many companies already have an innovation team. So they don't need you, right? 
We love working with companies that already have dedicated innovation teams! That's actually where we got our start. Our goal isn't to replace that team; it's to make their lives easier. Since we represent multiple techs, we can save employees a ton of time by giving them a single point of contact.

Do the tech companies have to move to Arkansas? 
Nope! The i2i team is made up of professionals who have worked in innovation for some of the largest companies in the world. Because of that, we understand what big companies need to know when evaluating technology. We become experts in each solution, and represent them to the enterprise clients on the tech company's behalf. We always keep the management team in the loop and bring them in when we get questions we can't answer.

All that being said, we'd love it if they did decide to put a team in this area because Northwest Arkansas (NWA) has a burgeoning technology ecosystem that is home to many tech companies with a national presence. Companies like Rockfish Interactive, RevUnit, Field Agent, Collective Bias, Lineus Medical, Y Combinator graduate DataRank, Acumen Brands, and more were founded here. A mix of public and private partnerships like the NWA Venture Team, Natural State Angles Association, Innovate Arkansas, AR Girls Who Code, and Startup Junkie have helped NWA become one of the best places in the country to launch a startup.

Do you offer venture capital?
We do not. To do that, we'd have to take an ownership stake in companies, and that's not what we want. We are wholly focused on linking solutions to customers. We want to remain 100% objective in our technology evaluation, so we don't want an equity stake to influence our view of a particular solution. Even though we don't typically invest, we do have a lot of VC connections. If startups are looking to raise a funding round, we're happy to point them in the right direction.

Why are you located in Northwest Arkansas?
Northwest Arkansas (NWA) has a rich history of fueling enterprise growth through innovation. Over 25% of Fortune 500 companies have a presence in NWA, with three (Walmart, JB Hunt, and Tyson Foods) being headquartered here. In total, there are over 1,400 companies in the region directly related to retail and supply chain!

Our low cost of living, proximity to a major university, infrastructure improvements, and access to corporate talent help create a great environment for cutting-edge partnerships. Downtown Rogers (where the i2i Labs office is located) provides a beautiful paradox by mixing things like cobblestone streets with technology innovation.

There are so many other things we want to promote. We want tech companies and enterprises alike to take home a coffee cup from Iron Horse or a pizza box from The Rail. This area has so much to offer, and we want to use our platform to show it off.

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